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Renewable Energy Growers Ltd is a not-for-profit organisation representing farmers growing energy crops. We represent the majority of farmers growing Short Rotation Coppice(SRC) in the UK & are the country's largest & most experienced producer of SRC woodfuel. Full details of our range of expertise can be found on our Services page.

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Sample of what ReGro can provide for you.

Renewable Energy Growers is a company run by farmers, for farmers. We provide a comprehensive service to our growers looking after the whole growing process from planting to harvesting.

We offer a profitable diversification for growers and provide a comprehensive service from planting to harvesting backed by more than five years experience in growing coppice willow.

Climate change and green energy fuels are at the top of the world political agenda and that is being reflected by the increasing demand for carbon neutral energy fuels.

We are an established provider of bio fuel supplying power stations at Drax in North Yorkshire, Cottam in Nottinghamshire and Wilton 10 in Cleveland.

In addition we are developing new opportunities to provide schools, hospitals and commercial organisations with our green products to fuel heating and power generation systems.

If you would like more information about becoming a grower or how you can use our bio fuel please contact us through our enquiry form on this site.